Friday, 11 February 2011

Friday 11th February 2011

It's been a while since my last posting - have you missed me?!! So why today? Well, today some things happened that have made me think a little. Firstly I have my laptop working again after nearly 2 months, but sadly have ''lost'' everything on it ..... my music, I Tunes, my photos, documents including a spreadsheet of all my family and friend's addresses, phone numbers, etc, all my journal writings over the last 18 months, various projects I was working on .... and so, so much more. I am trying so hard NOT to allow myself to get upset. It's too scarey a prospect! On the plus side the lap top has been restored to factory settings and it's like bringing home a brand new baby.

So what else has happened today? Well, today I took myself to the hairdresser, with some trepidation. I have been growing my mane for a year and it really needed sorting out - but the thought of sitting in front of a very unflattering mirror, for a painful amount of time, filled me with dread. It's not a real mirror I know. It's one of those fairground optical illusion types. I mean, it isn't possible to be that shape it? I knew what I wanted - trim the length, get rid of the thickness by layering, shorter on the top, a subtle fringe and definitely off my face. What I must have asked for was - cut the overall length to one standard length as much as possible in order to thicken out my mop, a subtle fringe consisting of approx 8 hairs, bring the front lengths down into the shape of my face and across my face. WHAT???! I can't explain how I felt other than, when I finally escaped and made it into the car, I released all that pent up anxiety and frustration in an unashamed full blown, double lung scream!! That's a bit better. Now home quickly so that I can find some scissors ... and yes, I did something I have never done before - I attacked my hair with scissors!! How old am I?!! I hate it and now need to find somewhere to go to put it right.

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