Monday, 14 February 2011

Valentines Day 2011

Have you ever wondered that dates (no, not the fruits) are very important to some people and totally insignificant to others. Why, I wonder? What programs some people to put a greater significance on dates? 14th February - Valentine's Day. Love it or hate it, the day is special. As teenagers, hoping upon hope that the postie would bring a card from a secret admirer to your door. Then hoping that the recipient of your card would work out your cryptic, but not too cryptic, clue and ask you out. Fat chance!! My wait lasted many years ... to 1989 to be precise and then, shock horror, there were three. I still don't know who sent one of them. It was the curtain both Dave (past life) and I hid behind in order to show our interest in the other. It worked very successfully - combined with rather a lot of lager if I remember correctly, and less than 3 months later we were moving into our first home together. No such card this year :(
So it's not surprising that today is a day of reflection. I have had better days, but I am not being morose. Over the past few days I have suffered the most awful haircut which now needs sorting; a gaping hole in one of my teeth has now developed into a very painful area; a conversation with past life Dave yesterday left me feeling .... well .... odd; my body still has not recovered from the walk I did last week and has really made me question whether I should go 'off-piste' or stick to the boring, flatter, more even ground that I can manage okay; counselling session - exhausting; I have deliberated over buying a ticket for a folk festival knowing that I will have to go alone .... ooo, errr tricky one!! and failed in my attempt to leave the supermarket without sneaking any naughties into my basket.
However, I had the most wonderful sunny stroll with Rocky, along the cycle track, this morning. He absolutely loves it - chasing up and down trees, stalking me, exploring through the undergrowth - brilliant. However the village dogwalkers are not so impressed with a few complaining to me that their dogs like to chase cats - as if I shouldn't be doing what I am doing. Huh - we'll show them. Rocky doesn't seem to be too bothered by dogs and just watches them from a safe distance and when the coast is clear - gallops after me. He responds brilliantly to a whistle and I think I am in danger of being recognized as the eccentric woman from no.66!! Ho hum - if the cap fits .... Once home, he had a long long snooze to recover from the excitement .... and exercise!
Also I am planning a trip in a little while, connecting with friends and some family around Bath and through south Wales. I am so excited and thoroughly enjoying the planning and chatting needed to arrange it. I can't wait to see Jane and Pete in Bath (schoolfriend), Steve Jo and kiddies in Frome (family), Marion in Somerton (oldest friend from York), Sarey in Salisbury (nurse training), Dave in Barry (primary school), Sez Steve Den Geraldine Ann in Castlemartin (family/friends .... not sure which), Nesta and John in Pembroke (my primary school teacher), and some more surprises I'm sure! Just hope the weather is kind to me in the Shire so that I can enjoy those beaches and clifftop walks. Watch out .... I'm coming home!
Before that, there's more fun to be had with a day trip to Cleethorpes to catch up with the Forever-Youngs and a curry out with friends to celebrate our Aquarian birthdays. It's all go!! And now so should I - to beddy byes. No doubt Rocky and Millie will be joining me.

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