Saturday, 7 August 2010


Front #66
Back garden #66
 Well, what a month July has been .... sooooooo busy with the starting of decorating #66, moving to #66, spring cleaning #32, incredible frustrations, disappointments and stress that always go with a move, etc etc and yet again the knowledge  that I have such wonderful friends here in York. I am so lucky in many many ways.
Margaret stripping - well, times are hard!
Goodbye horrible wardrobe!

Thank you Margaret, Trisha and Jean for your help in decorating ...
Thank you Gordon for demolishing and mending ...
Thank you Rob for your hole filling ...
Thank you Sarah, Janet and Jean for your gardening expertise ...
Thank you Dave (another of the many York Daves!)  for your gifts and encouragement...
My bed arrives minus 3 very important fittings ...
My move took place on a Saturday when the sun was shining and not a hint of a shower was on the horizon. 14 crazy friends joined me and some sort of plan was hatched as to how the general proceeedings would progress.  Loosely along the lines of  "cram as much as you can into a vehicle and drive up the road"!!  Technical stuff.  Thank you Gary; Rob, Trish + Eilis; Sarah + Robert; Dave; Janet; Margaret + Gordon; Hilary + Brian; Kathryn + Alex for your amazing help in THE MOVE - less than 2 hours to get everything from A to B.  Also thank you Margaret for preparing the post-move spread - Mmmmmmm, delicious!

But the fun didn't stop there.  I still had # 32 to spring clean and instructions from the estate agent to ensure everything including the garden should be left tidy and cared for.  Now that posed a problem for me - no garden tools and hedges far too high to be manageable .... and me being pretty unable to do much at ground level.  Step up Janet and Jean. What a laugh we had.  The electric trimmer was something of a concern as Jean admitted to having had a little difficulty with the cable on a previous outing.  I feared I was heading for an early haircut.  Health and Safety would have had apoplexy if they had wandered into the garden!
Climbing up on to the Health and Safety acceptable green bin
Ready for a trim?
Down you come Jean
The flying ballet dismount
Lunch and marmite and lettuce sarnies hmmm?? - exhausted and "full of it"
Eventually I was finished - # 32 was shiny as a new pin;  # 66 certainly wasn't!  Chaos has lasted for many a day but a special thank you to Lawrence who came to my rescue with his kitchen sorting ability and helped me at the tip. And another special thank you to Alex for his shed painting .... I wasn't expecting the dappled blue paving stones but now I see they add personality to dull boring pavers!

Overall, this has been an amazing exercise in patience and tolerance.  I'm still unhappy that the Post Office kept me without a phone and internet for a week, I had hoped that my new kitchen would be installed well before mid-October and I apologize to the Marple Millings, who came to stay during this chaos and were my first guests at # 66, but had to put up with an extremely tired me.  So much so that we went to the cinema to see The A Team and I slept all the way through it!!  Some might say that I was very wise!!


  1. Oh how these photos made me laugh!!!

    Kirsty x

  2. Thanks Kirsty - I'll keep them coming!! Still got my sense of humour most of the time x