Thursday, 3 September 2009

Day 5/6/7 :- Tuesday 1st September 2009 / Thursday 3rd September 2009

Hello captive audience - I'm back!  Have had a busy couple of dates with latish nights so I'm catching up here with 3 days worth of blogging.  "A pinch and a punch for the first of the month and no returns!!"  Dave and I usually have a contest to see who remembers to say this first, on the first day of each month.  A quaint British custom.  Perhaps it could take off in Canada?!!
So where am I now?  Sounds like that "Where's Wally" book!  I have driven West for approximately 4 hours, to Pembrokeshire in Wales.  This is the area I grew up in - very rural and with the most wonderful coastline.  Had to pay 5 pounds and 40 pence for the privilege of entering Wales across the splendid Severn Bridge.  I must have been in about Grade 2 (known as Upper Infants) when this bridge was opened and we made a model of it in the classroom which stretched the whole width of the room!  Happy days at Stackpole Primary School.
I was warned about bad weather and sure enough the rain came down .... hard.  However the journey seemed to be much shorter than I remembered - must be something to do with the contrast of long drives in Alberta - and the rain had stopped briefly when I arrived.  I headed straight for the nearest beach, drawn like a magnet - a magical place. Freshwater West - one of the finest beaches in the world.  It is isolated, has huge sand dunes, a massive expanse of golden sand and crashing waves rolling in without a pause for breath.  A favourite for dog walkers and those seeking some time for contemplation.......smell that sea air!!
So, I am staying in the village of Castlemartin with my wonderful friends Sez and Steve, on their farm.  The days have been a combination of catching up with important friends, driving through the local villages to different coastal locations, eating, dodging the rain (Wednesday was ridiculously wet!!), walking the dogs, stroking the cats, being joyful at the sight of familiar and comfortable birds, talking to the cows, visiting the new village hall and setting up the tables for the WI meeting, climbing (partially) the church tower to get a meter reading and thinking, thinking, thinking.
One highlight was to go outside in the morning with my mug of tea and watch the swallows flying around my head.  Another has been a blustery walk on the beach with Ianto (pronounced Yan-toe) the sheepdog, chasing after a ball - amazing light at the time.  Then of course, there were the perfect chips at the Spec Inn - and not frozen either.  And the chance to take a deep breath, open my mouth wide and safely scream from the bottom of my stomach without alarming any people, as the sound of the wind and waves breaking camouflagrd it well.  A great release valve.
The food blog is important as we all know.  Tuesday saw Sez's Mum get creative with chicken and mushrooms.  Wednesday had Sara tempting me with salad until she remembered "the blog" and returned from work with Welsh lamb, Pembrokeshire new potatoes and ingredients for cauliflower cheese.  Thank goodness she changed her mind re the salad!!  Tonight was spent with Sez's Mum again and again she came up trumps - Salmon, new potatoes and assorted veggies.  Ooo, I am so spoilt. It is wonderful to have my appetite back and to be enjoying food again.....and not having to prepare or cook!!
I'm sure there must be more to tell - but I am tired and need to sleep.  Thank you for all your comments and emails.  I realise that I am blessed with a good many caring friends in Edmonton as well as the UK.  The tears are less frequent, my mind is calmer and laughter comes easily at times - especially when I fell off the big log into the sea today.  Speak to you again soon....

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  1. Hello! You are missed, but it sounds like the ocean is working some of its magic and giving you space to work on your healing, surrounded by dear, caring friends.

    Relish every second of this rare beauty, as beautiful as your soul!

    Love, L.