Monday, 31 August 2009

Day 4 :- Monday 31st August 2009

Today is a Bank Holiday in Britain - just known as August Bank Holiday.  It means it will probably rain!!  Peter and Eve have DIY decorating decisions to make and so I kept to my plan of heading to the Uffington White Horse Show.  No rain forecast, but very humid.  I am dripping - very embarrassing!  White Horse - due to a highly stylised prehistoric hill figure, 374 feet (110 m) long, formed from deep trenches filled with crushed white chalk.

I can now say that I am officially NOT the slowest driver around Grove.  Getting used to the country roads again - and the car.  A rather smart red Note.  I keep losing it in carparks as I am looking for our blue focus wagon all the time!  And it doesn't beep at me to help me locate it - shame.

So, Uffington Show - quite entertaining.  Egg throwing contest - probably best not to ask but it involved a lot of egg on people's faces .... okay, hands.  Ladies riding on the wings of aircraft and doing acrobatics in the air at goodness knows what G-force.  Ferret racing - hilarious, not so much a race as a Sunday stroll.  Coconut Shy.  Dogs, dogs, dogs!  Cute farmyard animals - tiny chicks, cute bunnies, dozy goslings, nuzzling alpacas (I'm in love).  Fish and Chips. Fair Ground.

Thanks for all the emails - all contact gratefully accepted.  Really good to know that my eldest brother is now aware of my situation too.

Finally - food today!  A BBQ - just warn enough to sit outside at 6pm.  Oh these guys - I am coming again!  Chicken satay, sausages, thick bacon, hot potato salad and home grown salad .... and still not allowed to do the washing up.  I am feeling so lazy.  I am so very grateful to have had these few days here with my family before heading off in the morning.  I'll be back soon though - the chef is just too good!

Oh - and for you lovers of Scotland I watched a 1 hour long show of the Edinburgh Military Tattoo on the TV - more bagpipes and drums than is good for most people but I LOVE them!!

Speak with you tomorrow .....


  1. Hi Clare:

    A fun post to read; thanks! Is a "carvery" a type of fast food outlet (there is one in the background of one of your pix)? And what would a coconut have to be shy about?


  2. Hi Clare,

    Thanks for the information about your blog. I enjoyed reading it. I remember seeing the white horse when we were there on holidays, unless there is more than one!