Sunday, 30 August 2009

Day 3 :- Sunday 30th August 2009

Hmmm - I think jet lag finally kicked in or maybe it was hyper stimulation after the party - which was good fun by the way.  Got called a Canadian wench  - so endearing!!  Also good to hear people meeting each other in typical British fashion .... "You alright?" "Yeh, you?" "Yeh".  Funny how greetings vary around the world, even with a common language.  Got to order beer from the bar - first time in years.  All very positive.  And danced the night away.  I have a new song .... I Will Survive, by Gloria Gaynor!!  Great duet by Eve (sister in law) and me!!  Unfortunately, still awake at 3am and harrassed by horrible dreams.  Any ideas of how to block out dreams?

Quiet day - lots of chat and tears with Eve.  She is so good for my soul.  Came home to the right people, that's for sure.  Back to food .... my brother cooks a mean roast beef dinner.  Mmmmmm!!  Pretty chilly today - other than for work, this is the first day I have worn trousers (long pants!!) since about May!!

Plan for tomorrow - Uffington Show.  Date set for visiting my nephew and his family in a few weeks - can't wait to cuddle my great nephew who began smiling yesterday.  Heading off to Pembroke on Tuesday.  Looking forward to seeing very important friends there ..... and of course the beaches and coastline I adore.

Good night for now.

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  1. Howdie:

    Re dreams: I like to think that "dreams come in the service of health and healing" [not sure of the origin of that quote]. I wonder if by valuing these horrible dreams you might come to find a gift within?