Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Not just fighting volcanoes ......

1.30pm  Yesterday turned into a day of rethinking patience as one person after another from the airport or airline abandoned me in Calgary!!  But today is a new day.  Sitting here in the airport, at least having navigated check in (2 hour wait in a queue - nearly finished me off!) and security and awaiting my flight at around 3:30pm.  Very concerned about the size of my feet.  Why, suddenly, after my years of life am I worried about my tiny feet?  Well, it's not their length that is bothering me - it's the swelling.  After hours and hours and hours of hanging around I don't recognize these pudgey things in my sandals!  I am somewhat concerned they might explode on the aeroplane.  Do you think I should hand myself in as a security risk?!!  maybe I'll get a reward .... that should pay for last night's hotel. 

Found a quiet spot to "plug in" and am looking over downtown Calgary ... a few miles away.  Quite an imposing sight.

Today is a special day.  20 years ago today, Dave and I exchanged our marriage vows .... to love each other forever, to not cheat with anyone and to be there for one another in sickness and in health.  Has anyone ever successfully sued for break of promise??!  What a wonderful day we had, surrounded by family and friends in the sunshine of York ..... the future held such promise.  Our life seemed to be so enriched by being with one another.  Our planned adventures were plentiful.  We had many wonderful times in our marriage and although it saddnes me that it has come to what it is, I do hope that Dave finds some degree of happiness and resolution.  I sure intend to.  Strange that I should be returning on this day.  When I returned to UK in October, it was the anniversary of the date we moved into our first house - October 26th.  Dates - significant, or not?

Must go eat before I head to gate D44!!  Be back soon(ish).  Bye Bye Canada xx

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  1. oh my goodness Clare....are you there yet?? What an epic journey at a time when smooth sailing was more what the doctor ordered. I hope the remainder of your journey was uneventful and that by the time you read this you are safe and sound in your own wee home.