Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Tuesday 5th January

Good morning to all from yet another snowy day in York!  These are the images I have woken up to this morning .... day 15 of snow on the ground here (except for 1 day last week when my lawn was visible).  It is indeed very beautiful, but when I left Canada 9 weeks ago, I did not expect to be experiencing this here.  It's all my fault folks, I obviously brought it with me.  For readers from far off lands I must explain that this weather is highly unusual.  Sure, most years there is some snow which maybe hangs around for a couple of days but then completely disappears.  This year, with a combination of colder than normal temperatures (still feels like summer to me though!) and repeated snow falls, has made for quite a change.

Yesterday turned into a day of spontaneity.  I love spontaneity ... and now I have checked how to spell it I will use it more often!  I was all set to head out for my morning walk when I got a phonecall from a friend asking what my plans were for lunch. "Nothing" I replied.  "Washing?"  "No, Nothing. Is this morning drinking making me slurr my words?" So a morning walk turned into a later walk with us heading through crisp frost covered fields (a quick wave to my tree), over several ice encrusted stiles, wandering through someone's garden by mistake when the public footpath sign confused us and into Acaster Malbis and to the front door of the Ship Inn. This is a popular pub in the summer as it sits right on the river and has a large beer garden to be able to while away the evenings.  Evidence of the recent floods were stacked around the walls .... the infamous sand bags. However, a Monday lunchtime in January is not so popular and to our horror the pub was closed.  Insert your own expletives!!  Oh well, looks like lunch will be a little later.  From here we headed to the river path, back towards B'thorpe, and enjoyed a lovely walk in glorious sunshine. My, oh my, did lunch taste good in The Woodman after those 3 or so miles!

But the fun didn't stop there!  Later on I received a call from an old nursing friend of mine, Jenny, who lives on the Moors about an hour and a half away.  We met up with 2 of her children a few days ago and now she was wondering if I was free that evening to meet up with her other child for a drink.  Guess where?  Yes, The Woodman... which is turning into my favourite pub in the village! It has always amazed me how in life you meet people and then your lives take different paths, but at whatever point you then meet up again - it's like you have never been apart.  Well - Jenny is one of those people.  Her children are wonderful - now independent adults making successful lives for themselves and still appearing to be as relaxed with me now as they ever were.  For Finn last night to tell me that there is no way he would have thought I was 50 .... well what a gift!!  He's an anaesthetist ... I trust him! 

It's so good to be sharing again!

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