Sunday, 3 January 2010

Sunday 3rd January

Rather a disappointing day.  The plan was to travel to Marple to meet up with some of the Millings (Marple and Frome contingents) but I got cold feet about driving over the M62 or through the Peak District with the road conditions as they are and Sunday rail travel was out of the question.  Rather disappointed in myself as I feel I let everyone down and I don't like this side of me that now rears its head ..... that of feeling less capable and a lack of confidence.  I often mention ripple effect and this is yet another example.  Think I made the right decision as it snowed all day here and my robin was pleased to have some food on offer!

However yesterday brought a couple of fun experiences ...  my first success on freecycle.  Yabba dabba dooo!  I am now the proud owner of a huge pile of old BBC Good Food magazines.  Thank you Zephra.  There is an incredible sense of success involved when the email comes through that you have been successful in your "bid".  As many of my cookery books remain in Edmonton, and the recipes I scanned into my computer are unreadable because the scanner was so naff, it's stimulating to browse through some magazines and gain inspiration.  I have had trouble adapting to cooking for one after 20 years of cooking for two - but more importantly cooking to please another person, so now I must just please me.  It can be a lonely kitchen table though.  Who knows, I might follow the Julie and Julia theme and work my way through a cookbook sometime.

The other interesting and fun experience was chatting to an elderly gentleman on the bus.  One of those situations whereby one feels very self conscious, as the bus was fairly full, and everyone was probably listening .... but he obviously was confortable so I went with the flow!  He drew me into his army experiences sharing some very funny stories and then flabbergasted me by telling me he was on his way to the pub to read his paper.  I was somewhat surprised as it was only approaching 10 in the morning!!  Takes all sorts. 

I took to the Sales in York to hunt for a sofa/settee but I think there is an element of panic buying happening for me as my head just didn't feel right. I think I will go with a friend in the week.  It was enjoyable to walk around York all the same and I clicked up a few thousand of my daily steps.  I really don't know where all the people come from - it was heaving.

Here is the formidable York Minster which dominates the skyline around York and I usually make a visit to it when I am in town.  Some sort of magnetic pull.  The bells ring regularly and it is possible to climb the main tower (left) to take advantage of a wonderful view of the city of York.  Not sure that is something I will be doing with my knees .... I need to borrow someone else's!

Visiting the Minster is a highlight of a visitor's trip to York and so too is a stroll aroung the city walls.  For safety reasons, due to the ice around, the walls have been kept locked recently.  But here are some photos I took in September ....

Making my way around the walls, pretending to be one of  Robin Hood's Merry Women!



Left ... Looking towards the Minster from near the station.

Right ... A typical York view - across the rooftops and chimney pots towards the Minster
Adieu .........


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  1. Love your blog, Clare! York looks absolutely lovely, and it looks like you are making progress settling in. I am curious to know what happens with sofa hunting -a reclining chair and a footstool are still the full extent of my living-room furniture, so I need some inspiration to start sofa-hunting myself! I hope the snow goes away soon. We are getting quite a lot of it here in Boston too, but I guess that is to be expected here. Looking forward to more posts! Hugs!