Friday, 28 August 2009

Day 1:- Friday 28th August 2009

Welcome to my first blog! 

So here I am in Grove  - a village to the south of Oxford - secure within the cozy nest provided by my brother and wife.  After a long flight, and 1 pretty blue tablet induced fairly solid sleep, I felt ready for the challenge of rent-a-car.  Were the roads and motorways here always so crazy and full of traffic jams?  Numerous accidents (none involving me I hasten to add) and my fingers smelling of the cheese and onion crisps I have dreamed of for days, months, years even .... oh, and what an anticlimax .... I arrive in the beautiful thatched cottage county of Oxfordshire.  Winding narrow roads, rolling green countryside .... and rain .... and sun!  This feels good.

Hugs exchanged - so good to see both - conversation soon flowed with my brother and I exchanging many stories whilst his wife left for work.  I am told a blog isn't a blog without mention of food - so tea (or supper for you non-tea eaters) consisted of a yummy homemade veggie curry (veggies from the garden) and dahl.  Still not much of an appetite, but this enticed my taste buds.

Jet lag hasn't kicked in and it is 10:20pm - I think I have made it and I can now go to bed.  Kudos to the pretty blue tablet - thanks.  Tomorrow I plan to visit Newbury - never been before.  It's a market town on the banks of a canal with lots of family run shops to peruse.  May even include a photo or 2 tomorrow!


  1. Great to hear from you Clare. I'm full of hope for you and your journey. And I love to read of curry and pretty blue pills!

    For everyone's benefit, here is where I *believe* Clare is:,-1.241627&sspn=0.080819,0.222988&ie=UTF8&ll=51.605491,-1.420841&spn=0.04046,0.111494&t=h&z=14

  2. Good Googling Marco! That is exactly where I am.